How do I promote my cooking page on Instagram?

Instagram is one of the best mediums to grow your page organically so that your page only has follower who has an interest in your subject of the page. Organic following is very important to have since it guarantees you several interactions in terms of likes and comments. These interactions are vital as it gives an air of authenticity to the entire page as well as the influencer. One great way to grow your page is to understand your audience and niche of people who like your content. Many people try Simplygram or other applications to helps them discover their audiences. For instance, for a cooking page, you know your audience will be enthusiasts in terms of food and cooking. Hence the content that is put out should be understood first from the perspective of food enthusiasts so that it gives you an idea of how it will be perceived by the people.
Below are some ways for people to promote their pages on Instagram:

Use the right hashtags

Hashtags are one of the quick ways to get your content out to the public. And not only this, but this would also help you to get the public’s eyes that have a unique interest in the type of content that a particular page is producing or promoting. Many celebrities use common hashtags to get create their own space on Instagram as this allows them to compile all of their content in a single space of the subject. Celebrities like 50 Cent and many others have created their own hashtag space, which allows compiling their content on a single page. Food bloggers or Instagrammers can use hashtags such a ‘Cupcakes’ and can send their content out to their particular niche of people.


Collaborations are one way for people to share their audience between Instagrammers so that it allows the both of them to grow in terms of number and figures. Naturally, people with similar interests should collaborate so that both parties’ audiences to find interest in both of them. Many Instagram influencers use this to get their work and content out to bigger and more relevant audiences. This also allows for monetary compensation as well in most cases.

Use ‘Call to action’

Call to action is in many ways a major factor in pushing people to buy or contact a particular page or a product. Call top actions for general meaning are the slogans that say ‘Contact us AT’ or ‘Follow us at’. These sorts of action-provoking calls allow people to go for them since it appeals and attracts people in some odd way. While psychology might be more difficult to explain, for a marketeer, this method provides guaranteed results.The above stated are some of the most effective ways many people have been able to grow their pages up to an enormous sum of followers. Moreover, while these methods may be slow and time-consuming, they promise organic followers, which is essential for any Instagrammer to have.

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