What’s New on Instagram in 2022: Features and Updates

Creating a profile properly and using certain information remains an important step in promoting an Instagram account. Through publications on your profile, you are able to control your contacts with subscribers and establish your reputation over them. Give people something they’ll want to follow. To help you better reach your followers, here’s a look at the features and updates for Instagram in 2022.

Digital avatar as a profile photo

Instagram has made it possible for users to display a digitally created avatar as their profile photo. This interesting possibility promotes getting free Instagram followers. Before you put a digital avatar, you can choose a background and pose. How to put a digital avatar on your Instagram profile photo? Open your account and click “Edit Profile”. Then choose “Edit profile photo” and “Use avatar” in the menu that you see. Customize the avatar display. Select one of the six poses and one of the background options. Then confirm your changes by clicking “Done” in the upper right corner. If you want to change the digital avatar itself, select “Edit Avatar” on the profile edit page. After that, you can change the appearance of the avatar however you like.

The “Your Reply” sticker in Reels and the updated “Poll” sticker

The “Your Answer” sticker for launching Challenges now can be used on Instagram Reels. All answers will be gathered on a separate page. They won’t disappear after 24 hours, and therefore it provides new opportunities for promotion with the use of Reels. Note that your clip will be marked “Original” and will remain located at the top of the page – it is one of the best new features of Instagram. It also shows the name of the Challenge, and there’s a button at the bottom to participate. A modified “Poll” sticker also appeared on Instagram. With the new sticker, you can select a maximum of 4 possible answers, and you can also choose a specific color scheme.

Ability to find locations on the map

The updated version of Instagram has an additional feature – the ability to find a place or organization on a map. Currently, you can find various companies present on Instagram and see them on the map inside the app and alongside browse additional information about them. According to the company, after the launch of maps in the app, users can: search places on the map by keywords and hashtags; see the latest stories, the best publications, and guides by geolocation; filter companies by categories: restaurants, cafes, beauty salons and other; save places in collections; share places by sending them to friends in messages or chat. This feature will be especially relevant for business and will allow you to post more relevant information about the company on this social network. In addition, companies will now be more interested in having visitors tag them more often in posts and stories.

Instagram Reels can now be posted on Facebook

The function of posting clips to Facebook has already become available to Instagram users. To post Reels to Facebook, you need to select “Recommend to Facebook” when posting a video. Then, on the page that opens, activate the option. How it will work: videos will be shown to everyone, not just your Facebook friends; Reels will be shown with your Instagram username; you don’t need a Facebook account for this; anyone can make a clip with your audio track or record a remix. In this way, Reels’ reach can increase dramatically, by showing the video to Facebook users.

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